How hair extensions can contour your hair

18 Sep


Contouring, as far as makeup goes, is most certainly “a thing”. It was Kim Kardashian who first taught us how to use different shades of colour on our face to highlight different aspects and elements; make your nose look smaller, for example, or highlight cheekbones more prominently.

For a while, though, contouring, as far as beauty was concerned, has been focused purely on skin. Not for much longer. Contouring has officially spread to the hair and Dream Girl knows how you can make it easier.

The basic idea is simple; use highlights to put the focus on different elements of your face. We know the basic premise of this already. A) Different shape hairstyles work for different faces because they compliment our bone structure and features and B) Highlights offer light, adding contrast and shade so you can focus attention onto different features on your face.

How does it work? Essentially it’s layering; highlights or lighter bits attract attention, darker bits act as shadow.

The easiest way to achieve it, if you want to try it out and don’t want to pay for a dye job is with clip on hair extensions.

With over 80 shades of hair extensions, Dream Girl offers a wide range of colours and hues ensuring whatever colour your natural style, you can find the exact right colour you’re looking for. It also means, if you’re looking for shadow or highlights you can use clip on hair extensions in a shade slightly different from your own to add contrast and contouring.

Say you’re natural hair is blonde but you want to add a few highlights to focus on your face, adding light or brightness? Simply head to Dream Girl’s online shop, select Remi Clip On hair extensions and then choose your colour. In blondes there are 15 different shades from light caramel to lightest blonde so you can choose the shade that matches the lighter colour you want.

Then choose the length and you’re ready to go.

You can work with a stylist to fit your hair extensions in the way that is most flattering to your face. Obviously you’ll have a few hair extensions spare in the pack but you can use the one, two and three clip hair extensions to add contrast.

The easiest way to try hair contouring is by using clip on hair extensions, it’ll allow you to add highlights or shadow to your hair in minutes allowing a subtle contrast that will let your hair compliment your features and style.

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