The headband is back!

2 Oct

If, like us at Dream Girl, you haven’t really worn a headband since the early 00’s then get ready. The trend is back. But forget the bandana style of the noughties, or even the padded style of the 90s. This season headbands are grown-up, far cooler and are the perfect companion to autumnal style.



It was on the Fashion Week catwalks from New York to Milan that the humble headband has made a comeback. Some are bejewelled and have intricate detailing, others are lace and are styled almost like hat, others are completely tiny and just have the barest strip of fabric.

What do you need to know? Here are our top 10 tips for mastering this season’s edgiest look.

Keep hair slicked back and wear a headband right on the hairline. To stop it looking too 90s, match with a feline flick.

Use a strip of lace to wear a home made headband. Tie it underneath the hair at the nape of the neck and keep the fabric wide to cover a couple of inches from the hairline to almost the crown.

Want a fancier look? Take inspiration from Philip Lim and use a little mesh fabric to provide a slight lid on the headband for a 20s style.


Don’t just wear a headband with it tucked under your hair. Instead, wear at over the hair, so the front covers just above the hairline while the back sits above the hair on the nape of the neck (you might need pins to keep it in place).

A headband isn’t just for lose hair. Wear a chignon or twist and use the style above to add a dressier edge by wearing a headband over your up-do.

Think accessories so flowers, jewels and adornments for your headband but be careful you don’t look too girly. Keep the rest of your look simple if you’re going big on headwear.

Play with shape and texture by using a scarf as a headband. Tie in a bow or knot towards the side of the head.

For a simpler style use a thin strip of fabric. This looks the best when matched with a big voluminous style or natural curls.

Boho is a big look for the autumn, as is the 70s throwback, so think waves with a scarf headband. Whether up or down use fringe wave sections to add softness.

Volumise at the crown for the simplest style. A headband can make your hair look flat, whether long or short, so back comb and add lift.

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