Wear the perfect ponytail

9 Oct

High and bouncy, low and sleek; how do you wear your perfect ponytail? This season there’s plenty of inspiration to help you find your ideal style.

Why do we love ponytails so much? They’re versatile, easy to do yourself, not fiddly and they can work ideally for day through to night.

This season ponytails look best with plenty of volume and length so if you need a little bit of help then use a Dream Girl ponytail hair extensions. Choose the shade that’s the closest match to your natural hair colour and either use a band or a clip to fasten it over your own hair.



Low Ponytails

Low and messy ponytails probably aren’t the best style for work but they look edgy at night or relaxed for a day off. The low style works well with a sleek pony too. For messy, style your hair as normal, adding extra texture with scrunching and spray. Gather hair below the nape of the neck, so that from the front it almost looks as though you have a loose bob style.

Sleek ponytails

For a sleek and low ponytail use a little serum to keep hair as smooth as possible. Even if there’s a wave in the body you want no flyaway ends and hair should be securely fastened at the nape of the neck.

Herve Leger

Herve Leger

A simple twist

This twist on the chignon is a great way to update a ponytail. Divide hair into two section with a middle parting. Begin to twist one side from the temple and twist until you reach the nape of the neck. Pin to secure. Then twist the other side, checking to make sure both sides look even from the front. Pin to secure. Check in the mirror to make sure the back looks smooth and use a bobble to secure the ponytail and the bottom of the twist.

Full of volume

There’s two ways to keep your ponytail full. First, opt for Eva Longoria’s style and use a quiff to add lift above the crown. Back-comb your fringe and through to the crown and secure with pins and spray. Tie a high ponytail and let it cascade down the neck. The perfect style to add a little edge into your daily look, or match with a smoky eye for a night out.

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