“Fake” secrets and Selena Gomez’s style

16 Oct
Selena Gomez Instagram

Selena Gomez Instagram

For those who wear hair extensions, do you admit it? Should you care?

Selena Gomez did an interview with YouTube star Lilly Singh and the beauty press is making a big deal of the fact she admitted she wears hair extensions. At Dream Girl we shrugged our shoulders and said, “so what?”

OK, that makes sense from us, we have hair extensions from Euro Weft to Remi Silky, 100% human hair and synthetic hair extensions in over 80 colours so obviously we’re going to worry about admitting if we wear hair extensions.

But if celebrities do why should people care?

Everyone, well almost everyone, wants to look their best. It’s just natural. Our hair is a major part of that as our crowning glory and we want it to looks as lush and healthy as we can. Sometimes we need a little help. Whether hair is straight or curly, super-long or mid-length, hair extensions can provide a boost in terms of length and volume. Sewn in, glued or clip-on hair extensions that can transform your look in minutes we know that everyone is different, but what unites us all is our desire to look our very best.

The question is should we hide it? Many celebs wear hair extensions but they’re often not as frank about it as Selena Gomez. They might not invite people to touch their hair, especially not on film and they probably wouldn’t laugh off the existence of hair extensions. Instead they pretend their hair is their own, even if it isn’t.

OK, we shouldn’t have to admit whether our hair is real or not but if we have unrealistic expectations of beauty and think celebrities are showing us their real locks when they’re not, well it makes us feel less confident.

Selena Gomez is definitely having a hair moment right now. It looks incredible with soft waves, incredibly thick locks full of volume. Of course you’d want her hair; hey we look at it and daydream of having hair like that. But we love that she admits it’s hair extensions, it shows that everyone, no matter who they are, can try the same look, can know her secrets and realises that it isn’t out of reach.

So we think if you’re wearing hair extensions you should love them and be proud of the fact you know a great secret, that hair extensions are the fastest way to have lush locks just like Selena Gomez!



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