Wear it pink!

23 Oct

Beautiful brunette with long hair flyingDream Girl is proud to support Wear it Pink in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer is a devastating disease and, like everyone, we want to support research into finding a cure as quickly as we can.

Wear it Pink encourages you to “get Pinky!” Hundreds of thousands of people are taking part on Friday 23rd October to raise money for a very good cause. All you need to do is wear something pink and donate whatever you can. Whether it’s a pink themed party and you’re asking for donations, or a cake sale with pink frosted icing, Wear it Pink focuses attention on Breast Cancer and encourages people to support and donate what they can to tackle to disease.

The very first Wear it Pink event ran over a decade ago in 2002. Since then, the campaign has raised over £27million.

At Dream Girl we’ve decided to make it easy. We’ve created a special range using our premium product to help support the campaign. We’re launching our first “Pink” Remi hair extensions. The new range is 100% human hair extensions in classic shades with fifty colour combination and in four different lengths; 14″, 16″ 18″ and 20″.

For every Dream Girl “Pink” item you buy 1% will go to the charity Breast Cancer Now and we’ll also match the donation.

Find out more about Dream Girl Pink here

Find out more about Wear it Pink here



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