Long, lush locks

30 Oct

Beautiful brunette with long hair flyingDream Girl’s new Pink hair extensions use the highest quality Remi hair extensions. They’re simple and easy to wear and help you have the long locks you’ve always dreamed of.

Long, thick hair

Everyone’s hair is different, but we often find we all want the same thing from our locks. We want hair that’s long and full of volume. Quite often, nature isn’t quite as forthcoming as we’d like in helping us to achieve that goal. We may have shorter or very fine hair that doesn’t suit being grown long. In these cases, instead of putting pressure on our own locks, we can turn to hair extensions to give us a helping hand.

Why Remi?

Remi Weft is Dream Girl’s highest quality hair extensions. It’s created using 100% human hair with the cuticles still in tact, meaning hair is silkier, less prone to tangles and stays looking lush for longer. It’s easier to handle and to manage and can be either sewn or glued into place.

As it’s made using 100% human hair, Remi Weft can blend in seamlessly with your own natural locks. This is important because it gives you added confidence, it means your hair looks and feels like it’s all your own, just with added WOW! factor.

DarkBrown HoneyBlonde SnowWhiteHow to choose the right one

You’ve got two big decisions when it comes to choosing your Remi Weft hair extensions. What colour do you want and what length do you want? The goal is the blend the hair extensions in with your own hair so you want to choose a shade that closely matches your own as possible. Dream Girl has a Colour Comparator and offers Remi Weft in over 50 shades meaning it’s much easier to find the colour that closely matches your own.

Using Dream Girl’s Colour Guide you can start by looking for the right shade. There are subtle differences, from Darkest Brown to Dark Brown and Dark Ash Brown. Each of those colours has a code – Dark Brown is Colour Code 3. Choose the right shade in our online store by finding the number 3.

Next you need to think about length. Dream Girl’s Remi Weft hair extensions come in four lengths; 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″. The longer the hair extensions the more expensive they are but you can find the right length you want by looking at the name of the hair extensions, Remi Weft 20 is a 20″ length hair extension.

How to wear

You can either choose to fit your hair extensions yourself or go to a salon. For fewer mistakes we’d advise you find a salon that will help you fit your hair extensions. You can use our map to find the salon nearest to you that stocks Dream Girl. They will use either glue or will sew in your Remi Weft.

They’ll also give you advice on how to ensure your hair extensions last for as long as possible. Heat and harsh chemicals will do damage to your extensions, misshaping them and causing them to split, making them look older, faster. Instead treat them carefully and keep them looking lush for longer.

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