Plait it up

20 Nov

Once the preserve of schoolgirls, this season the plait gets a grown up twist. It’s the ideal style for those with long hair who want a stylish up-do.

If you wear hair extensions it will work perfectly. For those with shorter hair who want a long plait then simply try one of Dream Girl‘s ponytail extensions. These either clip, or tie, over your natural locks and offer added length.

Here are some style we think you should try …

Poppy-DelevingneKeep it slick and wear to one side for a powerful statement. Poppy Delevingne’s side plait has a straight side parting matched with a neat braid. It’s ideal for a festive night out or day to night style. Keep flyaway tips and fringes under control with a little serum.

Go completely the other way with a slightly boho do like Emma Stone or Cheryl Fernandez-Versini . Make the side parting much looser and freer, with waves and curls woven into the style to make it more fresh faced. Create a loose braid and pull a few ends out to keep it relaxed. Allow fringes to be long or short, sweeping slightly to the side to frame the face softly.

emma stone

You can use a braid as a halo (channel those Christmas nativity plays!). Keep hair long and flowing and take a section of hair from the side of the head. Plait and twist around the head, pinning into place as you go as hair turns into a built in headband. It adds the perfect amount of texture to a long style.

Why wear one braid when you can wear several? For an elaborate updo use a series of plaits and twist them around to create a unique style. Keep braids in the centre or plait around the edge of the head to create a different look.


Those braids can be big or they can be small. Try Diane Kruger’s style and use a series of thin plaits to add texture to an updo, draping the plaits around and through each other for maximum effect. Start with braids low at the back of the head and work them into a series of narrow plaits. Once they’re finished weave them around and pin in place to ensure they don’t slip.

A braid doesn’t have to look one way. This season use your long locks to dramatic effect and experiment with different styles of plaits.

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