Prepping for party season

27 Nov


By now you might well have had your first Christmas party invitation. At Dream Girl, we believe your party style needs the same kind of dedication as the Christmas dinner itself; everything is in the planning.

You might want to try a brand new style, or you want to look like you, just with a little va va voom. Maybe you want to work out a style you’ve always wanted to try but have never had the guts to do it before.

Whatever the style you want to go for, we can help. At Dream Girl we know every woman is different and has an individual style that is ready to burst out!

So here’s our guide to make sure you get the look you want this festive season.

  • Do your research! Know what style you’re looking for, or how you want to feel, where you’re going for the party? All these things will affect the style you choose in the end. It might sound silly but you want to both look and feel good. Start looking at pictures you like and plan what you’ll need.
  • Long hair or short? Your hair length isn’t necessarily defined by your natural style. Want it long, try hair extensions. Remi Silky could be the perfect luxurious style to match the party season. Clip on hair extensions can transform your hair in minutes. If you’ve already got it long but want to try a shorter style why not try a wig from our Chic Collection. If you are going for clip-ons think about where you’ll be getting ready. Will you be at home or in front of a mirror at your desk? This could affect when you wear the hair extensions, if it’s first thing in the morning or you need to pop out to a nearby hair salon to help!
  • How long will it take to order? If you’re ordering anything from Dream Girl remember you can choose to buy direct from our online store, or you can find the stockist nearest to you who can furnish you with the hair extensions you need. Find out where they are on our handy map.
  • A stylist can help you finish your look. If you’re wearing hair extensions, or a wig for that matter, you might still want to visit a stylist to get them fitted and to have the style finished. Everyone’s face shape is different so you might want a few layers, a fringe or even some feathering around the face, depending on what suits you best.
  • Practice! It’s best to plan your outfit and your hair in advance so you know how long it will take you to get ready and also if you’re happy with the look itself. Change is good but we’re all different, after all and often something that looks good in your head might not suit your body shape or it might not look how you expect. That’s not to say you should abandon the style and go for something else. Make the style your own. Look in the mirror and figure out how you can match your individuality with the image you have in your head. That’s where true style comes from.
  • Enjoy it! Christmas party season isn’t about being stressed. Planning is about making sure you feel happy and confident and that you know what you’ll look like when you step out of the door; especially important if you’re getting ready in the loos at work!

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