What style should you wear for your Christmas party?

4 Dec

Do you feel your hair needs a little lift this party season?

A festive pampering at your desk isn’t ideal preparation and sometimes you can feel a little stressed.

With a little help from Dream Girl, however, you can transform your own style in minutes, adding length for larger than life styles or just something a bit glamorous.

Here are a few ideas …

The Pompadour is a great way to add some lift at the roots while still wearing your hair long.


Add clip-on hair extensions in your natural shade, or a little lighter for gentle highlights. section hair from just above the ears to just below the crown. Take the top section and backcomb a little to add more lift.

Secure in place with bobby pins and add spray.



Plaits and braids are a key style this season but can be a little fiddly to style yourself. Go for the easy option this party season. Turn your clip on hair extensions into a braided hair band. This will work either on a up-do or if you wear your hair long.

Take the double clip and plait before you fix to your hair. Clip in place and secure the end with pins. An easy way to add a creative accessory!

jennifer lawrence look


For an up-do that takes minimum effort, but has maximum style go for a bun.

A bun, high, low or side, is a simple way to make any style a little more glam. If your hair is fine or not quite long enough you can add extra oomph to your bun by just wearing clip on extensions. Secure them while your hair is loose and then style your bun as normal.

Tie a ponytail at the crown and twist around sections of hair to secure them for a high top. For a side enjoy a slightly looser style with fringe sections and wips allowed to fly free. This creates a more relaxed look.

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