Make your hair thicker

11 Dec

Imagine if you could just wave a wand make your even more luscious and thicker than it usually is. When many woman are asked for the one thing they could change about their hair, they think about their fine locks and say what they want, what they’ve always wanted, is thicker hair. An d as we’re right into the festive season this could be the Christmas when all your “hair” dreams come true!


A lot of the blame for this falls at the door of celebrities. When we see stars like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini or the Kardashians we look at their thick, gorgeous hair that seems to sit just right and we can’t figure out why they can get a huge lift and we can’t.

The secret is hair extensions. At Dream Girl, we’re not ones for letting beauty secrets that can boost your confidence stay underwraps. No. If you want a secret to great hair, that will add volume and give you that thick hair you’ve always wanted we’re going to tell you straight, it’s always hair extensions.

This is how you do it. First stop head to Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator. If you’re adding volume to your hair you need to wear hair extensions that blend in seamlessly with your natural locks. With over 80 shades you’re more likely to find a style that closely resembles your own colour.

Next, choose what kind of hair extensions you’re looking for. If you want the celebrity style then Remi Silky uses 100% human hair. This makes a huge difference, especially if you’re going for the “natural but better” look. Human hair extensions like Remi still have the cuticles intact. This is a good thing. It means that each strand of hair that’s used is laid in the right direction. It has a more natural sheen and gloss. It also means it’s harder to tangle and more likely to stay straight and smooth.

Next check out what kind of style you need, whether it’s straight, waves or curls. Many people assume hair extensions simply mean long straight hair. There are as many variations as there are women’s styles!

Hair extensions come in different lengths so decide which length you need, from 14″ to 22″. You can also either decide whether you want the hair extensions sewn or glued in.

Once your hair extensions arrive we’d suggest heading to a hair salon. This means you’ll get them fitted the way you want. It also means your hair can be styled in the perfect way with your hair extensions fitted. If you want them to blend seamlessly then this style is vital.

You can find a salon near you that stocks Dream Girl.

All your hair wishes can come true this Christmas. Don’t think that simply because you weren’t born with it, that thick, volumised hair is out of your reach.

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