Curly do

24 Dec

It’s official, curly hairdos are back. Why are curly hairstyles so great? Well they make hair look thicker and with more texture. If your hair is flat and fine adding a few waves and curls will inject volume.

If you already have naturally curly hair then you know that trying to make it straight is not only costly but it can damage your hair. Chemicals and heat harm your hair follicles. Straightening treatments or hot straighteners might achieve the look you want but at what price?


If your hair is already curly

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy you want to make it look as healthy as possible. First start with the basics and use a conditioner to keep hair looking polished and reducing frizz.

Choose the right curl to suit you, from Body Waves to French Jerry Curls. From gentle S shaped waves to tight spiral curls you can get the right style to suit you and to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Add length or boost your natural locks then explore Dream Girl’s range of hair extensions designed especially for waves and curls. Use the Colour Comparator to select the shade than best matches your natural hair.

Waves and curls come in a variety of colours, from browns to Reds, Funkies and Combos.

Choose from five lengths including 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”

For wavy or straight hair

If your hair isn’t naturally curly, don’t worry. You can still use Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls collection to boost in terms of length and volume. If your natural hair is very straight then a tight curl will not blend in naturally. Instead using a gentler Body Wave will add the right amount of texture.

To add a wave first do it without heat. Wash and style hair as normal. Separate hair into one inch segments. Take each segment, twist it and pin it into a tight bun. Clip and secure it into place using a small grip. Once all your hair is tied into these small buns use hairspray to fix.

Keep hair like this for at least half an hour. Carefully unfurl each bun and spray to fix. Once your natural hair is waved then add Dream Girl’s hair extensions for extra volume.

Healthy, glossy curly hair is the ultimate accessory this festive season!

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