How to restore your hair

1 Jan

bRestoring your hair and locks can have a huge impact on your confidence. More women report having thinning hair and they feel self-conscious or embarrassed about it.

Why it happens can relate to a multitude of factors, from illness to stress or even environmental. It’s always important to visit a doctor to find the reason why and see if it can be treated.

There are always products you can use, however, to boost your confidence. At Dream Girl we’ve got plenty of products than can help boost your confidence, make your hair look fuller or thicker or cover it.

Here are three things you can try …


A closure boosts your parting so while the ends of your hair are your own, the hair at the crown and the scalp is covered to it appears thicker. These are simply clip on and they can cover a patch of thinning hair or a bald spot. You can choose a shade to match your own natural locks so that it blends int your own hair seamlessly.

Hair Piece

A hairpiece can be used to cover a thinning patch or to enhance a section of hair that’s becoming finer. Hair can become finer as we age so a hair piece can help thicken a section of hair. It fits over the crown and adds just a little volume. Again, choose a shade that closely matches your own and decide which length you want to use.


Dream Girl’s Chic Collection is ideal if you have a lot of hair you want to cover, if you’ve lost a lot of hair or are bald through treatment or illness. Wigs are either 100% human hair or synthetic and there are a range of different styles and lengths you can choose from.

The best place to head first is Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator. This will help you look at the 80+ shades we have at Dream Girl so you can accurately identify which colour best matches your natural shade. With a hair piece or closure you want the colour to match as closely as possible so that it blends seamlessly in and becomes less noticeable.

Identifying the right colour means you can go to the Dream Girl store and find the shade that best matches your own. Whether your hair is straight or curly you can find a closure, hair piece or wig that suits your own natural style.

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