Three ways to have more volume

29 Jan

Volume is a wonderful thing. Whether hair is long or short a little extra volume will give you a lift. It’ll make hair look as though it is thicker with more texture. Need a little more? Here are Dream Girl’s three ways to achieve a higher state.

khloeHair extensions

Want hair to look fuller? Choose hair extension. Sewn or glued in, or clip on, hair extensions from us come in over 80 colours and several lengths so you can choose whatever is right for you. Even if you have a long bob you can fit hair extensions and then have them trimmed to the right length to suit you.

Extensions will add thickness and definition. They’ll make hair look healthier, especially if you opt for 100% human hair extensions.


We read this awesome post by Khloe Kardashian about how she’s using this special comb to rock her new long bob. It helps her achieve a super straight parting and she also uses it to add a little lift.

After curling hair to create some texture, use a comb to tease the roots under your hair and backcomb for lift. Hide the backcombed section with a deep parting.

Backcombing at the crown also adds more volume. The other “pointy” end of the comb, she says, s ideal for breaking up curls for a “beachy” style.

Hairspray roots

If you need volume and you need it fast this is foolproof.

First take your hair. Next throw your head forward so that hair falls over your head. Use hairspray in the roots and scrunch it slightly.

Flick hair back and use a little bit more spray on the ends.

Hey presto! Big hair!

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