Ride the Waves

19 Feb

sjpcontouringIf there’s one trend we spotted at New York Fashion Week it’s the return of  curly hairstyles. There were plenty of models with big curly dos making us think the style truly is making a comeback.

With curly hair you need to know how to make it look its best. Here are Dream Girl’s tips for keeping your curly locks in tip top condition and making the most of your style.

Our top five tips are your go to guide for wavy and curly styles.

  1. Embrace your natural curls. Last year, and now into 2016 too, we were seeing more women embrace their natural curls, moving away from straightening and relaxing hair. Any kind of heat like that damages hair. It dries it out, making frizz even worse and making hair more brittle. Embracing natural curls means healthier hair, very often. The tips and tricks to manage and take care of natural curls can often be time-consuming but it’s all about having a routine. There also isn’t the same sense that natural curls have to be in one style any more; long or short there’s much more choice when it comes to styling your curls than their used to be.
  2. Stop brushing. The first thing to do is ditch the hairbrush and instead buy a wide toothed comb. A brush is going to flatten and frizz out curls. A comb will help de-tangle while offering definition. Start at the ends and work up to the roots. solange-knowles-curly-haircut
  3. Add length and volume. Big hair, don’t care. Long, full, curly hair is a real
    showstopper. If you need to add length or thickness, Dream Girl has a range of hair extensions specifically for wavy and curly hair. With four different tightness and definitions, our styles are designed for every kind of curly hair there is. Made using 100% human hair you can buy online, choosing the right length and a colour that closely matches your own natural shade.
  4. Hydrate. The best to tackle frizz is to keep hair hydrated. Leave in conditioner, a regular conditioning treatment and recognising when your hair is getting dry is key. Coconut oil is a perfect cost-effective and natural conditioning treatment for tackling frizz.
  5. Be best friends with your stylist. The most important relationship you have if you have curly hair is the one you have with your stylist. Have a cut that shapes your face, whether it is wispy at the front or shorter and bolder. Solange Knowles teardrop shape afro is the perfect update to the seventies style, but you need a stylist who will advise on cut and shape.

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