A little romance

26 Feb

Romance doesn’t have to be confined to Valentine’s Day. It can happen all year round and at the Alexander McQueen AW16 shows last week, we got a glimpse of what romance can really look like for your hair.

Almost twenties inspired, adorned with jewels and glitz, the flapper styles were simple hairstyles, but the jewellery just had a lifting, mind-blowing effect.

Hair accessories are something that have dipped in and out over the past two years; flowers on headbands, headbands in wool instead of hats, hairbands, feathers all have risen slightly over different seasons. But this looked really now and really fresh. Like McQueen just made us realise we could try this new style this weekend if we want to and it would look bang on trend.

So how to do it?

The hairstyle itself is fairly simple to do. Whatever the length of your hair, whether you wear hair extensions or not, you’re twisting hair up into a simple wrap. Wash and dry as usual. Comb in a side parting and use a little mousse and spray to scrunch and add a little texture and lift to hair.

Gather hair as though you’re tying a low ponytail and then twist and pin with the ends at the crown of the head. Don’t worry about pinning those ends under. Leave them out as it adds a little interest. Also don’t worry about hair being too untidy or flat. This is a really laid back style underneath and shouldn’t look too “perfect”.

Next get those jewels together. What have you got? A brooch, jewelled pins,  rings? If you feel like you haven’t got those antique styled jewels then don’t raid your mums jewellery box (she might not be too happy to find a family heirloom wrapped up in your hair!). Instead head to your local charity shop or vintage shop. Pick up whatever you can, whatever looks old, antiquey, the more costume the better.

Pin the jewels into your hair. What we’d suggest would be using grips to tie around the jewels and then fasten to your hair. If you find jewel hair clips, the more the better, but grips will help secure those jewels and ensure they stay in place.

And you’re done. Add a little spray and you’re ready to rock the most amazing style we’ve seen for the season.




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