Pretty hair is this spring’s style

4 Mar

We’ve had slicked back hair, we’ve had shorter hair but the frontrunner style for this spring is emerging; hairstyles are pretty, feminine and soft.

Everyone has that sense when spring comes that they want to try something new (it’s why we do a spring clean, after all). It might not feel like warmer months are coming just yet, but by the end of this month we’ll be firmly at the start of spring so get hair ready.

How to prettify hair

An easy way to make hair pretty is to go for romantic waves. Tousled locks add texture and layers. For those with tight curls it’s about making it look natural, toning the heavy styling and going more for a natural style. Use Dream Girl’s waves and curls selection of hair extensions to add volume and lift. Choose the right wave texture or curl and then match as closely as you can to your natural hair colour so it blends in seamlessly.


Last week on the blog we talked about Alexander McQueen’s hair jewels and why this is an amazing spring trend. Jewels aren’t the only way to accessorize hair; wear a scarf or flowers in the hair to add interest, colour and femininity. It’s also a great thing to do with your hair when you need a little cheer!

Learn to twist

A twist or a braid is an ideal addition to a style to prettify it. Pigtails are making a comeback but if you don’t want to look too “Year 9 science class” then opt for something a bit more modern and grown up. A braid at the front of the head, with wispy sections creating a half up do is a great mid point. It adds texture, evokes a romantic heroine and looks great from any angle.

Try a braid on one side but not the other. Make sure you keep a few ends so they stay wispy to keep it framing and soft.


To match your prettier hairstyle keep makeup to either the eyes or the lips, not both. So if you’re wearing a feline flick eyeliner then keep lips neutral. Similarly if you want a bright lipstick then keep eyes with just a touch of mascara.

Skin wants to look dewy and flush so opt for either pink or peach blush. Highlight the brows, nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin to get that glowing finish.

Keep contouring to a minimum and use a little bronzer to emphasise bone structure but keep foundation as light as possible.


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