For when you’ve only got five minutes …

11 Mar

We hear you. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we don’t have as much time as we’d like to get ourselves ready before we get out of the door.

This Spring we’re noticing a laid back trend in both style and hair. It’s a balance between looking like you’ve made an effort but with a “what, this old thing?” element to it as well.

So you want hairstyles to match, and it’s easy because many of them can be done in five minutes flat.

If you want to add length and volume to any of these styles remember that Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go hair extensions can be added to your hair in minutes. They simply clip on and you’re ready to go. Read more about them including a Step by Step guide.

A braided ponytail might be a style you remember from your school days, but it’s making a comeback. Smooth hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and then plait into a braid. Have matching bobbles at the top and bottom of the pigtail. It’ll keep it in place but it’ll also look nicely retro.

Make sure no ends or flyaway strands are free with either some serum or hairspray.

The topknot has matured slightly over the last year. Instead of using all your hair, update it by doing a half up-do.

Start with damp hair and add a little spray to bring out all the texture.

Take hair from behind the ears and gather up to the crown. Pile it high, loop it and tie it into place.

You can use a hair bungee to heighten your top knot if you don’t want it to look too flat, but if you’re wearing hair extensions you might find it has the added volume you need.

Scrunch and spray with some hair spray or texturising spray to finish.

If you want to wear hair loose, an easy way to get waves will let you get out the door in minutes. Style hair as normal, using a scrunching technique as you dry to add texture to the hair.

Before you start on your makeup, divide hair into five different sections, two at the front sides of the head, two underneath and one at the crown. Twist each section, pin down and spray. Don’t worry if it’s messy.

Finish your face and then unpin your hair. Scrunch again and separate any sections with your fingers. use a little wax on the ends and you’re ready to go.



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