The Dream Girl Guide to Hair Extensions

25 Mar


Hair extensions are for everyone. Whether you’ve chopped your hair into a trendy blunt cut bob, or it needs a little thickness and volume, hair extensions can help.

Celebrities use hair extensions to change their hairstyles, going from short to long in the blink of an eye or to add some much needed lift. You can achieve the same look.

  1. Clip in hair extensions are the quickest ones to apply and achieve a change in style. Dream Girl’s clip on hair extensions comes with fewer sections, enabling better coverage over your hair and providing consistent thickness.
  2. You want hair extensions to blend seamlessly into your own hair colour. With over 80 shades, Dream Girl is confident you’ll find a match.
  3. Even if you’re going for two shades, for a combo creating a highlight or lowlight you want one of those to blend and match your hair colour.
  4. AS well as colour pick a length that suits you. Dream Girl’s extensions come in four different lengths so you can choose which is right. It doesn’t have to be super long!
  5. 100% human hair extensions might be more expensive, but you pay for quality with hair extensions. These are cut with the cuticles still intact so hair sits smoother and more naturally. Remi Silky are our highest quality hair extensions.
  6. Woven, glued or clipped in; it’s up to you. Weaves are often best for curls and kinky hair. Clip ons are more temporary, glue will last several weeks. Talk to a hair stylist and tell them about your hair habits. They’ll advise the best one to use. You can find a Dream Girl hair salon stockist here.
  7. Never use heat on your hair extensions. it will damage the extensions causing split ends.
  8. Other than that you can style hair extensions in the exact same way you do your natural hair.
  9. Your stylist can trim your hair extensions, so they blend into a hairstyle with your natural locks.
  10. The more you take care of them, the longer they’ll last. Special shampoos and conditioners will help keep hair extensions in tip top condition for longer.

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