5 tricks you have to know if you wear hair extensions

15 Apr

wearitpink-campaign-banner-2_RC4If you wear hair extensions, sometimes you can feel that it’s all about the tips and the tricks. How do some girls have hair extensions that blend seamlessly into their own locks, while others don’t look real?

If you want hair extensions to look natural, to give you full bodied longer locks, then we’ve put together some Dream Girl tips to get the most out of your hair.

  1. Don’t style your natural hair and then add hair extensions. Treat your extensions as though they’re part and parcel of your locks. Dry hair before wearing but if your adding waves, curls or any other styling then do it with your hair extensions fitted. This ensures that the extensions will blend seamlessly into your own style.
  2. Hairspray helps keep extensions in place. This sounds like a total no brainer, yes? But if you have fine hair you’ll know hair extensions, especially clip ons, can slip through the day. The best thing to do is backcomb a little around the clip and then use hairspray to hold it in place. It has the added value of increasing the volume as well.
  3. You don’t have to clip in hair extensions straight. If you have feathered or layered hair around your face it helps to frame your features and adds texture. However, when you wear hair extensions you can create a step that looks anything but natural. To tackle this don’t separate your layers and add the hair extensions in straight. Instead, do it at an angle. This allows the hair extensions to build on the layers, rather than adding new ones and it’ll create a more natural shape.
  4. Hide those short bits of hair. If you have bob length or shorter hair and use hair extensions to add length, you know the hair we’re talking about. It’s right on the nape of the neck and it seems to scream “hey look, I’m wearing hair extensions!” If they’re short then use hairspray to flatten and hide these short lengths before you add hair extensions. If they’re longer, say an inch or two then use bobby pins to twist and pin them. Then, once you fit hair extensions they’ll cover them up.
  5. Clip as close to your roots as you can. You want hair extensions to look like your natural hair. You might worry that it will damage roots or will be uncomfortable but clipping in hair extensions lower down your locks makes it look fake. Backcomb to protect the root and clip in as close as you can. Clip hair extensions as close together as you can to make them look natural. Don’t weigh them in too much hair as this is what pulls down and damages your roots. Instead, let the hair extensions take the weight and give you a more natural finish.

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