What to do if you have fine hair

22 Apr

Fine hair can always be a little tricky.

It can be flyaway, more prone to static and can get greasy at the roots. It can be flat and often we think we have to keep it short if we want any volume at all. In truth, fine hair can be a bit of a nightmare.

To add length, thickness and volume to fine hair, hair extensions can be the ideal solution. Whether longer lasting with Remi Silky or Euro Weft or a more temporary clip-on hair extension it can change your style in minutes.

Fine hair might be straight, in which case, hair extensions that add length and volume can be either glued or sewn in to add extra weight. If you match the hair extensions as closely to your natural colour as possible then they will blend in more effortlessly. 100% human hair extensions are ideal as they sit in a more natural way and have a natural looking feel and movement.

Even if your hair is wavy or curly (yes, you can have wavy and curly fine hair) you can choose from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range with offers waves in a range of definitions. If you’re opting for waves a middle parting provides that long, languid style that’s ideal for boho or even glam hairstyles. A side parting will add even more volume and lift.

For fine hair, a fringe is often a good way to add depth and texture but with hair extensions make sure you blend in at the dies, or wear a fringe that’s middle parted and grown out slightly to it blends in more seamlessly.

If you don’t want to use full head hair extensions then a hairpiece at the crown will add a little lift and extra volume for half up-dos. You can also use hair pieces for ponytails and buns if you have fine hair. A bun can often be a little small and a ponytail fairly weedy with fine hair. A hairpiece and ponytail hair extension will add weft and punch, making it both thicker and longer.

If you choose hair extensions be sure to work with your hair stylist who will help blend them into your natural hairstyle. Framing, feathering and even layering will help hair extensions appear more natural and help add to that feeling of volume and shape.

Don’t overdo it on the hair products. Mousse is great to add extra volume as its hairspray but serum and wax will just weigh it down. As far as possible opt for styling products designed to add volume, rather than texture as these will help you keep as much body in your hair as possible.

Fine hair doesn’t mean you can’t have long hair. With hair extensions you can add length and increase the volume.

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