The best ponytails

29 Apr

Sometimes only a ponytail will do.

There are plenty of different ways to wear a ponytail. Either have it long or mid-length, bouncy and high or low and sleek.

If you have fine hair or shorter hair, use a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension adding extra length and volume to your ponytail. Coming in a range of colours, a hair piece, Pony on drawstring or a Pony on comb either tie or clip over your natural hair, blending in seamlessly to make your locks look more substantial.

If you’re opting for a low sleep pony …

Think Kristen Stewart or Cara Delevingne.

Make sure hair is sleek and smooth on the top. Even if your hair is frizzy or curly, this is easy. Use serum to comb through hair to control it. Then tie at the nape of the neck. Use pins if you need to and spray to keep hair flat and to add a lick of shine. Attach the hair extension if you’re using one. Wear the pony over one shoulder or straight down the back for maximum impact.

Try a Cara and add a twist at the nape of the neck for extra texture.

A high and bouncy pony

Like Reese Witherspoon or Emily Blunt

A full bodied ponytail with plenty of lift and body this is a really glam style. It’s also practical enough to wear in the day. Start by back combing hair at the crown and up to the forehead. Divide hair into three sections; the top and both sides. Tie the two sides up into a high ponytail first, securing high on the crown. Then, take the top, backcombed section, and tie back slightly above the ponytail. This give extra lift and body. Attach the ponytail extension if you’re using it here.

Backcomb the ponytail a little under the top to add more body. Use spray to secure.


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