Going from one style to another

6 May

People often think hair extensions are just for those who want long hair. OK, they are great for those who DO want super long locks, but they’re not just for that. Hair extensions can really help when you’re transitioning from one hairstyle to another.

The awkward bit when you’ve decided you want a change but you have to wait it frustrating. Hair doesn’t grow overnight, nor does it suddenly become different hair immediately. You have to be patient.

There’s patience, and there’s knowing there’s something you can do about it to make it easier.

Say you’re looking for a big change, like stopping getting your hair relaxed. It’s a big step. Some women opt to go straight for the chop and cut all their hair off. Others aren’t so keen about doing that and instead want to gradually wean their hair off relaxers gradually over a year.

Hair extensions can help through that process. Depending on the texture of your hair as it grows you can add hair extensions that closely match your natural hair colour, blending in with your natural locks and covering them as you stop relaxing it. As your hair gets curlier and less straight, you can change to different, tighter curls in Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range helping you transition through.

As you stop relaxing, your hair will grow curlier at the roots and will get more of a wave. What hair extensions will do is add an overall texture, masking the transition process and helping you to feel more confident as you change back to natural hair.

Similarly, if you’ve cut your hair off and have decided that instead of having shorter hair you want to grow it long, hair extensions can help.

When your hair is going through that awkward regrowth phase it can be frustrating and you don’t know what to do with it. What hair extensions can do is mask that regrowth and let you have longer locks much faster. Use 100% human hair extensions and choose a colour as close to your own as possible. This will help the longer locks blend in with your own hair. You only need two inches of hair to secure hair extensions.

Your hair is so closely tied with your confidence and how you see yourself. If you’re planning a big change see how hair extensions can help you whether your hair is long or short, helping you deal with the bad hair days in a much easier way.

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