Why heat is so bad for hair extensions

13 May

This week has reminded us that summer is coming. It’s easy to just talk about it when you’re cold and it’s raining. When the sun’s out you truly remember what summer sun feels like.

Of course, the change in season has an effect on our beauty regimes. Hot weather means we get sweaty, cold weather means our skin and hair can get chapped. So we change and mould what we do each season to match the weather.

One thing we need to know if hair extensions are part of our beauty regime is the damaging effect heat can have on them. Heat is bad for hair, full stop. The easiest way to describe it is that hair is like wax. Like in a candle, hair becomes softer and easier to shape when it’s hot. This is why you can use heat to change the shape of your hair, with hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs and so on.

The problem is that this styling does damage to your hair. If you use straighteners or tongs on your own natural locks you know this to be true. Hair becomes drier. The heat, essentially, melts away the natural oils on your hair that protect it and keep it shiny. If you don’t use a hair protecting serum or treat your hair regularly it’ll become brittle and you’ll get split ends. Who wants split ends? It’s even worse if you colour your hair as well.

With our own locks we know the remedy. As well as regular moisturizing treatments helping to inject some of those oils back we get the ends trimmed every six weeks or so. Plus, you know, your natural hair grows back.

And this is the major difference with hair extensions. We know, obvious but true. They’re not going to grow back. Even if you use 100% human hair extensions, like Dream Girl’s Remi Silky range, it’s as close to your natural hair as you can get but if you use too much heat and damage the hair extensions there’s nothing you can do other than have to buy new ones.

So to keep your hair extensions looking as fresh, light, natural and glossy for as long as possible really reduce the amount of heat you use for styling. You can try non heat options, like turning down the heat on your hair drier, as well as using pin curling techniques instead of curling tongs. This involves taking an inch section of hair and coiling it around your finger and pinning it before you unfurl. You can also use rollers.

At Dream Girl we always say never, ever use hair straighteners on hair extensions. You’ll just strip the oil away and they’ll not look anywhere near as good and they won’t last as long.

In the summer as the weather heats up your hair is likely to be drier anyway so it’s important to keep treating your hair and to reduce the amount of heat they’re enduring everyday. Use a SPF spray on your hair and turn down the temperature on your styling. Your hair will thank you!

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