Fancy that! Rainbow colours for summer

20 May

Whether it’s pastel colours, or rainbow shades, there’s a definite trend right now for brightly coloured hairdos.

We’ve seen rainbow locks that use every colour under the sun, gradiated through your hair. We’ve even seen one style that dyed and coloured hair to look like a galaxy sky, with stars and planets dotted through it. Intense!

It might sound like a great idea, and if you’ve got time (and your boss or teachers won’t mind!) then go for it. But, for most of us, these are the kind of styles we can wish we’d try, but aren’t really going to be able to wear ourselves. Let’s not even think how much it costs to have your hair dyed to match space.

That doesn’t mean you should shy away from colour, though. Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with different shades and to bring a fresh look for your hairdo. Bright colours can do exactly that. And why not do it in a way that allows you to enjoy the bright hues without doing any permanent damage to your hair, like hair dye can.

Dream Girl’s range of Funkies offer you bright, eye-catching shades in hair extensions. No matter what length or texture your hair, you can buy in the Funkies range. We’ve got them in European Weft, Remi Weft, Yaki, Body and different curls including French Jerry Curls and Italian Body. We’ve even got Funkies in Clip Ons in both Remi and synthetic, so you can simply fasten bright shades into your natural style.

In blue, burgundy, plum, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, turquoise and green, you can opt for a bright style either by going for a whole head cover, or using them as chunks of bright shade throughout your locks. You don’t even have to go for one single colour, you could mix and match to opt for a rainbow effect of your own.

Coming in five different lengths; 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ you can choose how long you want your locks to be. You can even get them fitted by a stylist who can then trim and style your new extensions so that fit better with your natural hair.

Why not try streaks, or go for a shock of bright colour for the summer time. It’s the easiest way to add colour without damaging your hair.

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