Three styles for summer

27 May

We believe in preparation. How do you want your hair to look this summer? Start thinking now and get it right. Here are our top three favourite styles for summer 2016.

Crowd braid

Plaits have been everywhere this spring and they’re the perfect ingredient for a summer hairstyle. A half up-do sprinkles a little magic into this style. It also has the practical element of keeping long hair away from your face on warm days.

Start the braid almost at the nape of the neck underneath the ear. Plait and tie. Twist the braid across like a headband, pinning it back where you started to gather the rest of your hair in a loose tie back. Simple for those with longer locks.

Messy topknot

This is a summer perennial and it’s easy to see why. Stylish, practical and perfect for straight, wavy or curly hair it’s simple to achieve in minutes.

Twist hair into a high ponytail on the crown of the head. Don’t worry about a few strands falling out here and there. Wrap the tail of the pony into a loose bun. For those with very thick hair you’ll need to pin as you go. For those with finer hair, you twist, tuck and pin. If your hair is fine, clip on hair extensions will add fullness, as will a ponytail hair extension.

Pull out a few strands for that “just done” finish.

Voluminous low pony

Low ponytails are definitely in vogue this summer. A voluminous do will stop it looking drab and it’ll add plenty of texture and lift. Add mousse and thickening spray to damp hair before drying. Tie hair into a gentle side pony, just to the edge of the nape of the neck.

Take a section of hair from under the ponytail and twist over the tie. Pin in place underneath. Let the pony fall over your shoulder while your fringe and other strands frame your face.


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