How to tackle frizzy hair

3 Jun

One of the things that comes with summer is humidity. And all that extra moisture in the air can mean only one thing; frizz.

Some hair types don’t get frizz. But humidity can cause all sorts of issues, from hair that expands in volume, to losing control and being flyaway, to getting lank and limp. None of these are exactly hair goals, are they?

Instead, we at Dream Girl thought we’d give you a guide to dealing with frizzy hair for the summer months.

  1. Heat makes it worse. We spend a lot of time banging on about the damage heat causes, not just to your natural hair but to hair extensions. Dryness, stretch and split ends are just some of the symptoms on your hair of using heating and styling products that strip hair of its natural oils. If you want to reduce the frizz, turn down the heat when you’re styling. You’ll only exacerbate the effects of the damage if it’s humid.
  2. You don’t need to shampoo as often. This might seem counter-intuitive along with frustrating. You’re sweaty, there’s dirt and moisture in the air, you want to rinse that off. But shampoo can strip hair of its natural oils, especially if it contains sulfates, which is a major contribution to frizz. Rinsing, without shampooing, will keep hair clean without drying it out. If you’re wearing hair extensions you should always use a shampoo to suit them, that won’t damage the extensions and remove the protective treatment keeping them healthy and glossy.
  3. Use a regular conditioning treatment. Most people don’t need to use conditioner everyday. This can tie you into a cycle where hair gets lank so you wash it, making it lanker and greasier, so you wash it. Cut out the conditioner can mean you have to wash hair less often. A weekly deep conditioning treatment will help to treat hair and keep it moisturised, so it doesn’t dry out and frizz.
  4. Learn how to tame flyaway tips. If you have a few beady bits of flyaway, use this simple trick; keep an old toothpaste and spray hairspray on it. Once you’ve styled your hair as normal, use the toothbrush on the flyaway strands to smooth them down. Also, use the right brush. When your hair is wet use a wide toothed comb and softer bristles to brush it, instead of yanking and pulling. Gently does it to reduce frizz. Any stretch will cause hair to frizz.
  5. Embrace your diffuser. Those with straight hair don’t need to worry but if you have waves and curls then a diffuser is the perfect tool to shape those locks. Separating curls and keeping them defined, a diffuser will help wavy and curly hair dry more evenly, avoiding that stretch and pull technique of hair drying that contributes to frizz.

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