Super straight hair

10 Jun

While we love having tousled and curly locks, sometimes you want your hair to be poker straight. At Dream Girl, we’re all about giving the natural a little nudge; hair extensions help add length and volume, no matter what texture your hair is.

However, a lot of the ways we try to achieve straight hair are simply damaging our locks. Straighteners, blow drys, tongs, all strip the natural oil from hair when styling. This causes frizziness and split ends. Yeah, the product you’re using to reduce frizziness is actually causing it! It’s especially bad on hair extensions. The heat strips the oil used to treat hair extensions but it isn’t going to naturally come back. Heat is an expensive habit.

Hair extensions like Remi Silky or Euro Weft come in super straight styles. This poker straight looks, which comes in different lengths, can help give you the straight look you want, without chemical or heat treatments.

There are other ways to straighten your hair out without using heat. You can brush your wet hair gently until it dries, pulling and smoothing as you go. An old method for reducing frizz id to wrap your hair in a silk scarf overnight. If you part hair and secure with bobby pins, like comb over and let it air dry with a silk scarf it’ll dry straight and with reduced frizz.

No heat rollers can help straighten hair too. Large rollers, like the size of a can of pop, can be rolled into section of wet hair. Secure in place and let hair dry completely. Moisture can help a curl or wave bounce back so it’s important to let them dry completely.

If your hair is super curly or wavy then poker straight hair probably isn’t going to happen. Is this a bad thing? Nope, you can embrace your own hair texture and look fabulous while doing it.

This tricks, however, might help to straighten it a little and relax some of the curls in a more natural way. Going from curly to tousled feels straight for some while wavy to poker straight is achievable for others. It’s all about working with your natural texture, and Dream Girl can help enhance that.

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