The guide to natural hair

17 Jun

There’s a growing trend for natural hair. For those with afro locks, it’s about embracing and celebrating their style. The move away from chemical treatments is, of course, much better for your hair and it’ll become glossier, much healthier as it grows without treatments.

At Dream Girl, we know that every woman has the right to looks as beautiful as she feels. It’s about about the rich diversity. That’s why we don’t just stock straight hair extensions, we’ve got waves and curls, from body waves to French Jerry Curls, with short tight curls to gentle waves for every texture of hair. You can choose from browns, blondes, reds, funkies and combos, whatever style you’re going for.

For those who have said no to the chemical treatment, and are embracing their afro hair, even if they’re using hair extensions for length or not, their natural hair will need different treatment than before.

Here are our top tips.

Conditioning is vital. Whatever your hair type, conditioning is important but with natural hair you need a regular deep conditioning treatment to prevent breakage. Leave in conditioners are ideal

In fact, breakage is a big thing and you need a strategy to help minimise it. Afro hair is flat and it has a twist, which creates the curl. Where it twists the width of the hair strand changes, making it the weak point where it can break.

Tangling will mean you need to brush it more which can cause even more breakage, which is why a lot of women with afros will wear scarves, or tie hair in plaits when they go to bed.

Wash your hair once a week. Use a non sulfate shampoo as this will reduce how dry your hair can get.

You may not need to use a hair dryer. Letting hair dry natural helps to keep it more tangle free but also it reduces heat. Heat is bad for hair and you want to use it as little as possible, especially if you use hair extensions.

Use a wide toothed comb or a paddle brush when you’re looking after your locks. It’ll help untangle without pulling a stretching, which will damage hair even more.

Regular trims keep hair healthy. If you wear hair extensions there’s no reason why you can’t work with your stylist to integrate this trims into your regular hair care regime.

Shop hair extensions with Dream Girl.

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