How to get thick hair

24 Jun

Whatever it’s texture, thick hair is something a lot of us want. Some are born with it, others have to fake it.

You no longer have to accept the hair you’re born with. And if thick hair is something you want, then Dream Girl is here to help. Here’s our guide.

  1. Hair extensions don’t just offer added length, they provide volume too. Remi Silky or Euro Weft 100% human hair extensions will blend in seamlessly with your natural locks. With over 80 shades to choose from, with Dream Girl you can pick the colour that most closely resembles your natural shade. We even have waves and curls designed for different textures. Sewn or glued in, hair extensions come in four different lengths meaning you can simply make your hair look thicker, however long you need it to be.
  2. Haircare is vital. It used to be that hair science was very much one size fits all. We know that isn’t the case now. Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type will help to maximise its volume and make it appear thicker, even if it isn’t. If you have fine hair, for example, you need a shampoo that won’t weigh it down with product and chemicals. Something light will help it remain bouncy and full of volume. Don;t always use conditioner if you don’t need it and you may not need to clean your hair everyday. It’s about understanding what your natural hair is like and needs and then giving it just that.
  3. Get a good cut. Stylists know better than anyone that it’s often your hairstyle itself that can make your hair look flat and fine. Layers or feathering can frame the face and make hair appear fuller and thicker, while blunt ends can do the same. Meanwhile, longer styles for fine hair can pull your locks down at the roots, making it look flatter, while a shorter style can make it appear thick. Working with your stylist to work out the best hairstyle to suit your hair type and face shape is vital.
  4. Highlights and Lowlights. Colour can add depth and lift. It can suggest shape and movement making hair appear thicker. A soft hand and approach is best, you want subtle changes, so that colour and tone fall as naturally as possible. Hair extensions can help for those who don’t want to colour their hair. You can opt for slightly darker or lighter shades to create a contrast that adds the illusion of volume. Or talk to your stylist.
  5. Know the tricks of the trade. Root lifting products, rollers and back combing can help to add much needed lift at the roots. Don’t over do it; no one’s looking for an 80s power style here. But a little subtle activity can make the world of difference. A mousse or spray is ideal on damp hair. Rollers can help to build in volume as your style and dry. While backcombing underneath the top layer of hair is ideal at the crown to add a little extra volume.

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