The best braids for summer

1 Jul

Braids always seem like the perfect summer hairstyle. It’s an easy way to keep your hair off your face when it’s hot. It’s the ideal style to look chic and cool at a summer wedding. It’s also an easy day to night style that doesn’t need much looking after.

Here are our tips for the best braided styles.

For those with shorter hair or with very fine hair your locks might need a lift for a braid. Dream Girl’s hair extensions come in over 80 shades, so you can choose from the length or the colour to help it blend seamlessly into your natural hair. We even do a range of waves and curls so that you can add length to even the deepest curly locks.

1. Mermaid Braid

Think Blake Lively. Divide your braid into four rather than three to achieve this thicker braid. Wear hair over the shoulder and begin braiding from behind the ear to achieve a more laidback style. Pull out strands of hair to frame the face. Hair doesn’t need to look too “done” with this style.

2. Side Braid

A great way to add a twist on a classic. For natural curls style as normal, then add this side braid above the ear. Take sections into the braid as you go and stop once you reach the back. Pin down to secure into place. For those with straight hair, start braiding at the crown and work with hair over your shoulder so the braid doesn’t look misshapen as you wear it on the side.

3. Half up-do Braid

Tricky once you begin but simple when you get in the swing. Upgrade your fishtail braid by adding sections from the side to create a modern half up-do. Take hair from the top of the head to start and use smaller sections to create the fishtail. Once you get to the ears, take two sections and twist them before weaving into the braid to create this finish.

4. Twist

Is this the easiest hairstyle to do when you’ve got five minutes and need to fly out the door? When is a braid not a braid? When it’s a twist. Twist hair up at the back and side and use the ends to create this faux fringe that adds height and texture. Divide hair into sections to start and then weave them to the crown, twisting as you go. Pin and spray to secure. Works incredibly with natural hair. For long locks keep twisting to create a bun to wear as an up do.

5. Braided Headband

A braided classic that we still adore. Use a simple side plait and then twist and pin across the front of the head to create a braided headband. The thicker the hair, the better it looks. Take a few strands out here and there to make sure hair doesn’t look too done. Secure with bobby pins.

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