Your Summer Makeover

8 Jul

It’s around this time of the summer we feel like a change. Sometimes something huge, other times a major transformation. We’ve got itchy feet and soon the season will shift so we want to be ready.

A good hair makeover can do you the power of good. It might be length, colour, volume, texture. It’s what’s inside that counts, of course, but a change to your hair, well, it can make a change to your head.

If you’re feeling like you want to try something new here’s Dream Girl’s suggestions for style transformations.

A major colour change

Colour is probably the simplest way to change your hair. But if you don’t want to reach for the bottle of dye then worry not. Hair dye can damage your natural hair but there are ways to change the colour of your hair without doing any damage to lock that can cause split ends and dryness.

Hair extensions using different colour combinations can help you change the colour of your hair quickly and easily. Dream Girl’s hair extensions come in over 80 shades with a range of colour combos depending on what you fancy. You can use clip on hair extensions to cover your natural locks with a new shade, or choose extensions that will contrast or add a lift.

Super long locks

You only need two inches of growth to get hair extensions. So however long, or short, your hair is you can use hair extensions to add a little extra length.

Dream Girl’s hair extensions come in four different lengths, 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″. So you can go from short to just below the shoulder if you want an on trend bob or take your mid length locks super long by just adding a few extensions.

If you use 100% human hair, like European Weft, Remi Weft or Yaki you can choose a colour or shade that closely resembles your natural hair. This means your hair extensions will blend in seamlessly with your own hair, creating a more natural finish. The higher quality the hair extensions, the more naturally they’ll fall. Use glue, sewn in or clip ons for a style to suit you.

A new texture

Going from straight to curly hair, curly to straight or adding a wave can dramatically change your look.

It depends on how tight you want your curls to be, your loose the wave or straight you want your locks to be. Dream Girl has Body, Italian Body, French Deep Curls and French Jerry Curls. Going from S shaped curls to tight spiral curls you can pick a texture to suit your hair or the style you want.

The different textures are also available in over 80 shades, so you can either pick it to blend in with your own hair naturally, or you can choose a different shade for contrast or a real new style.

Shop Dream Girl in our online store.

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