5 long hairstyles to get you through summer

19 Aug

At this, what we often call the sticky end of summer, it can be easy to want to tie long hair up all day and everyday. It’s hot, yes it can get sweaty and it’s humid.

Yet even in this height of summer you can make sure your hair looks light and airy. If you wear hair extensions to add length and volume here are some easy hairstyles to wear to keep you cool, dry and of course stylish.

These are Dream Girl’s top 5 summer hairstyles for long hair.

A one shoulder fishtail

Joan Smalls wears this over the shoulder fishtail braid, a perfect style for the warmest summer heat.

Style hair in a side parting and sweep all your hair over one shoulder. Backcomb a little above the ear to add volume.

Begin to braid alongside the cheekbone or alongside the ear. To style a fishtail braid you need to use four strands instead of the three you use in a traditional braid. Secure at the bottom and use a little spray to secure any loose strands.

Free form curls

Rihanna’s curls are ideal for the height of summer. Make sure you use a diffuser and curl definer product to make sure your curls are as rich as they can be.

Scrunch and style as you dry to make sure curls dry as full as you want them to. Work hair with a widetoothed comb as you dry and style, ensuring that volume is even.

Finish with spray to maintain volume and even a little shine spray to keep locks looks as healthy as this.


Full bodied curls


Who’s going to stop a little heat getting in the way of waves and curls?

These voluminous curls are the ideal companion to a summer outfit. The best thing is, you can style them without heat.

Simply use velcro curlers when your hair is dry. Use one inch hair sections and spray once you’ve got the curler in place.

Keep in curlers for at least half an hour before your unfurl. Spray to finish.


Kim K’s stylish low pony


A low pony is a great way to keep the heat off your neck in summer.

This adds a little edge to a simple style and makes all the difference.

Keep hair sleek as you tie it into a low ponytail and fasten. Use either a ribbon to wrap around the hair at 1cm intervals, or use a variety of different bands to secure along the length of the pony.



Beachy wavesBellaThorneHold

Bella Thorne’s beachy waves are just the right style for a beach, party or summer wedding.

To style without heat add waves using pin curls.

Comb into a centre parting and dry as normal. Take hair into one inch sections. Twist and then pin in place with a grip. Spray and keep in place for at least half an hour.

When you remove the pin, comb the waves with your fingers. Use serum or wax to define the ends and add texture before you spray to finish.

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