5 hairstyles to get you back to school

9 Sep

It’s hard enough going back to school after a long summer holiday. Your hair shouldn’t be one more thing that makes you stressed.

So here are Dream Girl’s top five styles that are bang on trend and will help you get back into the school spirit. We’ve got a special back to school offer on this month at the bottom of this post.

If you need extra length or lift remember hair extensions offer both inches and volume. Choose from over 80 shades to find the right Dream Girl extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

Slicked back pony

Wet-look is a key look for autumn. It’s probably a bit much of the classroom, but you can nod to the style with a ponytail. Dry hair as normal. Use gel to comb hair neatly into a high or low ponytail. You need it to be as smooth as possible. Any fringe or wispy ends need to be smoothed down. Once the ponytail is secured, use serum and hairspray to add shine and finish.

A ponytail hair extension can add length if you need a longer pony.

Full curls

Curls are a definite trend for autumn, no matter how long or short your hair is. We have a range of hair extensions designed for Waves and Curls so you can try these if you need added length. For full waves don’t use curling tongs as this will damage you hair. Instead, opt for retro full waves by styling pin curls.

Use mousse on damp hair before you dry. Once dried, use one inch sections of hair, twist and pin to the scalp. Use a little hairspray. Leave for as long as you can, but at least half an hour. Uncurl. brush to loosen the curls into waves and scrunch and spray to finish.

Twisted pony

A twisted finish is the best way to update your pony. Start by combing dry hair back into a low ponytail a the nape of the neck. Pull the bobble down an inch or so. Divide the hair above the bobble and the ponytail in half, so you can fit your fingers through the gap. Take the ponytail and feed it through the gap, creating a twist. Repeat twice for a longer twist.

A little back comb will make the ponytail fuller. And you’re done!

A simple knot

Plaits and knots are big this season. It’s also a great way to keep you hair neat and tucked back. Start by putting your dry hair in a low ponytail. Secure. Plait the ponytail and leave a little loose at the ends, around an inch or so. Twist the plait around to make a bun, securing with pins as you go. Use the inch or so section to be the last bit of the bun, closest to your scalp. Secure with pins and spray to finish.

An old fashioned braid

Braids are bang on trend so a long braid will be a great way to make sure your hair is stylish and on trend. Start at the crown, diving hair into three sections. Work your way down to the bottom, ensuring the braid is tight at this stage. Tie with a bobble at the ends. Loosen slightly by pulling at the braid sections but keep it neat.

Back to School NEW.jpg

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