Kate Middleton has hair fit for a princess

7 Oct
kate middleton

Kate Middleton’s hair looks naturally voluminous

Kate Middleton has, we think, more than won the title of she with the glossiest locks. On the recent royal trip to Canada, she looked her elegant finest.

Glossy, richly coloured and healthy locks aren’t something you only get if you’re a princess. Instead, it’s something we can all get.

The first step is to think about how hair can look and feel healthier. Even if you wear hair extensions you can keep your own natural locks in peak condition. Reduce the heat on your hair. Especially if you wear hair extensions. Heat just strips the hair’s natural oils away, making it dry and brittle. You can restore your own natural hair, but if you wear 100% human hair extensions any damage can’t be reversed. So it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Much like skin, the healthiest hair is moisturised, gets plenty of the right nutrients and good vitamins. So a healthy diet will be reflected in your hair, along with drinking plenty of water. A mask deep in moisture and nourishment used regularly will help to restore those ends and build it back up.

So once you’ve got the foundations in place, what’s next? Kate Middleton has long hair and for those who want to emulate it you may need to wear hair extensions. Either clip on, glue or sewn you’ll need to wear extensions that blend seamlessly into your own locks. Dream Girl has over 80 colours and plenty of different styles for all textures.

How to copy the style? Kate Middleton rocks the half up-do that’s ideal if you need to look smart. Hair needs to be smooth so add a serum or spray to reduce frizz. Whenever possible, allow hair to dry naturally and part it so it falls evenly. The front sections around the forehead should be pulled back and styled at the back with pins. A small twist will make this look extra finished.

To add curls at the ends, instead of using tongs, use pin curls. Twist the bottom section of hair and pin. You coil the hair up and then secure, adding a little spray. Leave these for up to half an hour. Once you unpin you’ll have curls at the ends fit for a queen.

The chignon is another classic style Kate Middleton wears. It looks complicated bu it’s actually quite a simple up-do. If you hair needs a little extra length for this, wear clip on hair extensions, or add a ponytail hair extension. Start with damp hair and use a little smoothing serum. Dry as normal.

Start at the front and take two sections of hair, pinning them back with pins low at the nape of the neck. Don’t pull it back too tight, hair should be soft around the face. Tie hair into a low braid at the nape of neck and secure. Wrap into a loose bun or chignon, securing with pins. Pull out a few strands to soften the look.

And there you go, hair fit for a princess!

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