How to get thicker hair

4 Nov

Selena Gomez Instagram

Who hasn’t said this at some point in their lives? We always want the hair we haven’t got and the majority of women say they want thicker, healthier looking locks.

Achieving it is easier than you think and with a few small tricks you can have the thick, full hair you’re dreaming of.

Choose the right hair extensions

Hair extensions add thickness as well as length. At Dream Girl, we have over 80 shades so you’re likely to find the exact right colour for you. That’s important as you want hair extensions to blend into your hair and look as natural as possible. Opt for 100% human hair extensions (ethically sourced) and you’re even more likely to have a natural looking finish. These extensions are cut with the cuticle intact so that when the hair extensions are made, the hair falls much more naturally.

Haircut is all important

You might think, my hair is my hair, a cut is a cut, right? Wrong. The cut you get can affect how thick your hair looks. The right stylist will look at your hair and understand its thickness, texture and what kind of style you should go for. A blunter cut, for example, can make finer hair look thicker.

Use the right products

If your hair is fine then product can weigh it down. Use products with fewer sulfates and hair will be much lighter. Serums should be used sparingly as they can weigh hair down and make it look greasy. Mousse is making a comeback and is ideal for those who want more volume, especially at the roots.

Special shampoos for thickness and volume are often formulated to help create that effect. If you are wearing hair extensions do make sure they won’t strip the hair extensions of their treatment, and shorten their lifespan.

Colour tones add layers

If you opt for a depth of colour, darker at the bottom, getting gradually lighter to the top, it will help to create the visual illusion of thicker hair. Stylist call it multidimensional and essentially what it means is adding movement and volume.

If you don’t want to use dye you can look at hair extensions than offer different colours together, like highlights.

A fringe covers thinning roots

If your hair is thin then a fringe can help make it look thicker. Going for a shorter fringe, or longer wispy fringe, will help to add texture and will help hair look less weighed down and more volumised.

You can also use strategic cover for different elements of thinning roots, like these hairpieces. They can be used at the crown and just add a little lift, giving the illusion of thicker locks.

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