Tiger Hair, 2017’s hottest hair trend

18 Nov

We always keep an eye our for hair trends at Dream Girl and how they’ll affect what we want to do with our locks in the months ahead. The way we want to wear our hair always changes, be it cut, style and finish.

Think of what we do with colour. Stripy, chunky highlights used to be something we’d love to offer that sense of depth in our hair. This year, however, styles have gone slightly more understated. Balayage highlights was perfect for summer, natural looking, as though you’d just spend the week at the beach and your hair got natural sun kissed.

It’s actually a really practical style. There’s little consideration of roots, you don’t have to worry too much about hair growing out. It’s a high impact style that makes a huge difference to your look, but in fact it’s fairly low maintenance.

And even if you wear hair extensions it’s something easy to sort. You can weave different coloured locks into your natural hair adding volume and a depth of colour. It needs to be close enough to blend in seamlessly, but it’s about adding that range of shade.

For 2017 we’re looking at something that’s the updated version of that. we can see it all over Instagram right now. Tiger Hair takes this softly blended technique, offering real depth to rich browns and chestnuts.

Tiger Hair uses lots of different colours, from warm golds through to coppers, chocolate and blondes to add a really natural looking, but also deeply coloured style.

How do you achieve it? Well, it’s designed to emulate the semi-precious stone it’s named after, that’s filled with lots of different colours and patterns, rather than the clearly demarcated stripes of the big cat.

So instead of thinking stripy dye, think about how you can blend shades of colour in. It’s about adding warmth and an extra dimension to colour.

Working with your stylist you can choose the right colour to suit yours. If you wear hair extensions you need to talk to your stylist about the impact it can have and how you may be able to use different colours to create the same effect.

And the best thing about it is that it suits everyone. No matter your skin colour you can lighten or darken your locks to create this warmth. It’s very autumnal and very seasonal.

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