Embrace change for 2017

25 Nov

It couldn’t be easier to transform your look. As we get closer to the new year, we’re looking at new styles and new ways to style our hair.

If you need added volume or length, then hair extensions can help. Even you want to try out a drastically shorter do, but don’t want to reach for the scissors, Dream Girl’s Chic Collection can change your style in minutes.

Here, we look ahead to the top four styles for 2017 and suggest how you can get them.

A long fringe

The easiest way to update your long locks is to cut a fringe. But next year, fringes are slightly longer than they have been this year. GO for a fringe that skims the eyes, that you can part easily. It’ll blend into your natural locks, or hair extensions, but it will refresh your look.

Keep it natural

Embrace your natural hair and its texture. Or, make it look as though you are. It’s about keeping things simple and not worrying too much about exact styling. If you’ve got curly hair, then Dream Girl’s waves and curls hair extensions can add length, matching the texture of your own hair.

You can still talk to your stylist when you’re adding hair extensions to talk about how you’re styling your hair, and how much time you want to spend styling it.

The shoulder length lob

This mid-length style has been hugely popular this year and it isn’t going anywhere. Remember, hair extensions start at 14″, so if you need added volume it need not be for super-long locks. To update this style for 2017, talk to your stylist about adding layers for some texture.

Long, glossy hair

For those with long hair the emphasis is on shine for 2017. Keep it all one length but keep it glossy. Wear 100% human hair extensions, like Remi Silky, to blend the hair seamlessly with your own locks. You can choose from over 80 shades so you’ll find the exact right colour to match.


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