Things you know if you’ve got long hair

2 Dec

Whether you got your hair throw patience and you’ve grown it, or you wear hair extensions, the struggle is often every real when you’ve got long hair.

We all have daydreams about how we want life to be, how we want to look and what we expect our hair to look like when we look in the mirror. And yes, sometimes this happens.

However, sometimes it doesn’t. So for all those who have long hair and love it, let’s just remember that sometimes it can take a lot more work that people think.

  1. There is no limit to what you hair can get trapped in. Jumpers, seatbelts, doors, cupboards. You forget you’ve got this other, foot long appendage to your body and, yeah, it gets caught in things. You have to be aware, especially when you’re doing up zips.
  2. When people talk about losing their hair you chuckle darkly. On average, we lose 120 hair a days. But when each of those hair is super long it feels like an awful lot more than that. You’re completely expecting to catch yourself at a strange angle and to see a bald spot on some days.
  3. Naturally long hair, or hair extensions to add length and volume, are a hairstyle in itself. There are days when you can just leave the house with your hair as is, and it looks awesome.
  4. Having said that, it can take your an hour to brush your hair. especially when you’ve washed it. You start at the tips and half an hour later you’re only just reaching the roots in one section. You once started to add up all the time you’ve taken brushing your hair, but you just got freaked out and vowed never to do it again.
  5. See also drying your hair. People say you should let it dry naturally and you think that’d be great, if you had four to five hours to get ready in the morning.
  6. The first time your sat on/lay on your hair your freaked out. But you also kind of like it. It means you have your own scarf, all the time.
  7. When you wear an updo you get a bit freaked out over how heavy your hair is all in one place. It also takes a super-long time to style and looks much bigger than you were expecting.
  8. You can, however, do the best messy buns because you have so much hair to work with.
  9. You are equally proud and equally envious of the fact that you’ll be at the hairdressers much longer than everyone else. You’ll see women with short hair arrive, get cut, blown and pay while you’re sitting in the same seat. But it’s nice to get a whole afternoon to yourself.
  10. Bending down to tie laces or pick up something on the floor when you’ve got long hair is a hazard.

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