Easy hairstyles for thick hair

9 Dec

When many women get hair extensions it’s because they want their hair to be longer and fuller. Thick hair, however, can pose it’s own challenges when it comes to styling. Although we love wearing our hair loose, sometimes you need an up-do.

If you’re new to hair extensions and wondering how to deal with your new thick hair, Dream Girl is here to help. We’ve chosen three hair styles we think are perfect for thick hair, with or without hair extensions.

Braid it up

A braid is one of the easiest ways to style your new thick hair and to keep it out of the way. This is especially good in hot weather but it also ideal if you want an up-do that looks fancy but is in fact really easy to do.

Start by sectioning your hair into about four different sections, two at the sides and two at the back. Plait each section and secure at the tips.

Start with a braid at the side and twist around so that it covers the nape of the neck. Then take one at the back and twist so it covers the back of the head and the crown. Check in a mirror to see if there are any gaps and then use the second plait at the back to do the same, but cover the places you missed with the other plait. Then, take the last plait on the side and style across the front of the hairline. Pin each in place and spray to secure.

The classic chignon

The french style bun is an easy style to master, even if it looks quite intricate. Just think of it as a twisted bun.

Take small sections of hair, twist them and pin them at the nape of the neck. Keep going until all your hair is pinned back. Next, take the long section of hair at the back and divide into two. Take one section and twist it around. Tuck the ends under and pin it in place. Take the second section and do the same. Use a little spray to secure and all the pins are in place.

A messy bun

A really simple style for your thick hair that will look great, day or night.

Start by sectioning your hair. Take the top half and tie back at the crown, like a half up-do. Twist the ends of the half pony into a small bun and pin in place.

Next take the bottom half. Take two larger sections out of the side of the hair, covering the ears. Take the back section, twist it and create a second bun on top of the bun. Pin in place. Take out a few strands to create a slightly messy, wispy feel and spray.


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