The top 5 Christmas hairstyles

16 Dec

How are you going to wear your hair for the Christmas party season? Whether up or down, your hair is just as important as the perfect outfit.

If you need a little extra length then hair extensions can help. Choose 100% human hair extensions and select one of Dream Girl’s 80+ shades to find the perfect colour that will blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

The trick to a great Christmas hairstyle is that it has to be easy. It has to look great but also be simple and easy to style, especially if it’s your office do and you haven’t got lots of time.

And these aren’t just for parties, these styles will work for the whole Christmas season.

Keep it long and straight

If you keep hair as simple, but high impact, then go for this look. Ideal for long locks, part hair down the middle. Keep it straight and glossy. If you need a little extra length then hair extensions are the perfect partner. Use serum to keep hair smooth and make the ends as soft as you can with just a little wax or smoothing serum.

Half up, half down

The half-do has changed a lot over the years. The current trend is more than a little nod to the sixties beehive style, but without too much lift. Style hair as normal and part down the middle. Add a little texture to the hair, either by creating pin curls with no heat, or by twisting sections of hair with a little wax. Take a section of hair from the crown and back-comb for lift. Take the sections from the side of the head and pin at the back. Spray to secure.

Jewelled hair

Hair accessories are going to be big for 2017 so get a head start. A jewelled hairband is the perfect finishing touch for a Christmas party outfit. You can just have your hair in a ponytail, or a bun and just use the headband to add a little sparkle. Hair brooches have the same effect and are a simple way to add the wow factor.

A braided up-do

Braids are still one of our favourite hairstyles, but add a little variety this year. Instead of twisting up all your hair, do just a half do. Create two braids from the front of the hairline and continue to the back, securing just under the crown.

Big waves

What could be easier than sitting around for the day with your hair pinned up, ready to be unfurled for the night ahead? Create waves without heat by taking hair into sections. Twist each section and pin in place. Use a little spray to secure and then leave for as long as you can. Then just unpin, comb with your fingers, spray and you’re ready to go.



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