A 60 second hairstyle

27 Jan

When it’s all too easy to press the snooze button for an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning, you’ll need a go to hairstyle that’s quick and practical, but still looks fantastic and fashionable when you finally arrive at school or work.

At Dream Girl we know while you may want to look like a glamour puss every day, in fact life just gets in the way. So like the outfit you have in the wardrobe that’s your go-to style when you’re too busy to get anything else sorted, you need a hairstyles that’s the same.

Whilst the top-knot has been the top-dog of a casual hair styles in recent years, its sister, the half bun, is hot on its heels as this years must do up-do. It looks great on any length of hair, but it’s with longer locks that this style really comes into its own. For those wearing hair extensions, whether sewn, glued or clip-on, this hairstyle is simple and easy to do, but it looks bang on trend. 

Reminiscent of popular looks in the early 90s, this classic style receives an update with some added volume.

In under 60 seconds, you can achieve a fun, on-trend look fast. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using a comb, separate your hair into two sections. Twist and clip the upper section of hair away from the lower section. If you’re wearing clip-on hair extensions, remember you might need to use a mirror to show the back of your head and make sure all the clips are flat and covered where applicable. 

Step 2: Gently backcomb a small area of the lower section where the bun will sit. This will add extra lift around the crown.

Step 3: Unclip the upper section and again gently backcomb underneath. Gather the upper section into a small ponytail and secure with a hair elastic, and then gently the base of the tail also.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail along its length and then wrap around until it forms a neat bun shape. Secure with hairpins.

Step 5: Gently pull at the secured bun to loosen the style and add some extra volume and texture.

Step 6: Hold in place with some hairspray

This stylish but cute hairstyle, is perfect for any age, and it will look just as good as when you’re leaving the gym following a workout, as when you’re entering the bar ready for a great night out. Add it to your list of favourite hairstyles when you’ve not got much time but you want to your hair to look great! 

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