Time to treat your hair

17 Feb

tigerhair2With Spring around the corner, it’s time to cast off that cute bobble hat and give your hair some much needed tender loving care. Throughout the winter months your hair endures stresses and strains leaving it vulnerable to damage and sadly looking less than fabulous as the seasons roll around. Whilst your hair extensions have been working hard to maintain the glamour stakes this February, you don’t want to ruin your overall look with fly away natural hair creating a halo of frizz up top.

From wet, windy weather and freezing temperatures to hairdryers and central heating, your hair has been subjected to some pretty harsh conditions this Winter, losing moisture and leaving you prone to breakage. Follow Dream Girl’s top treatment tips for maximum hair hydration, to leave you with shiny, smooth strands this Spring:

Washing your hair too frequently can weaken it, stripping your locks of natural oils and leaving it looking a bit dull and lifeless (Over washing also isn’t great news if your extensions are applied with glue). But you can make the most of each wash by using a shampoo specifically designed to restore and repair your hair. Look for a shampoo formulated to gently cleanse, resurface and strengthen your tresses, to kick-start your journey to hair heaven.

Get great hair gains with a nutrient loaded conditioner. We all know that protein is good for our bodies, and your hair isn’t any different. Select a conditioner packed with proteins derived from grains like quinoa and barley, to help nourish your hair as well as adding much needed moisture. Conditioners containing essential oils like lavender, known for its healing properties, will add shine as well as smelling fantastic.

When the weather outside is wet and wild, and a boxset binge in your PJs is too tempting, treat yourself to some pampering with an intensive conditioning hair treatment. Stick on your favourite TV programme and leave the treatment to work its magic, moisturising your hair more deeply and leaving it you with enviable shine and a silky finish. Now, how’s that for multi-tasking?

After a soothing wash and a thorough conditioning, add another layer of protection to your locks with a high-quality serum or styling cream. Even more moisture for your thirsty hair, your hair can’t get enough.  Creams and serums will gently coat each strand, smoothing them and helping to build tolerance for styling, limiting the harsh effects from heat and brushing.

When it comes to styling, prep your hair with a quick, final spritz of heat protection spray and use your styling tools on a low heat setting. Avoid using tight fitting elastic hair-ties to minimise breakage if you’re wearing your hair up, and you’re good to go.

Banish the winter frizz, treat your hair to some luxury ‘me time’ and give yourself a head start on great hair for the Spring 2017 season. When the sun finally comes out, you’ll be the one doing all the shining.   


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