Wear a wig and be proud

24 Feb

From Gigi Hadid to the Queen Bey herself, it seems that everyone from Hollywood to Shoreditch is experimenting with one of the hottest and most versatile hair trends of 2017. Wigs.

Entering the mainstream, wigs have earned their place in the spotlight as the key fashion accessory for this year, with A-list models and celebrities confidently and unapologetically showcasing their finest hairpieces at high profile events and awards ceremonies. At Dream Girl, we know our Chic Collection, with its wide range of different styles and lengths is increasingly popular with women who want to change their look in an instant. 

For too long wigs have been viewed as something to endure; tolerated by patients who’d lost their hair through treatment, and by those affected by thinning hair or conditions affecting hair growth, to disguise hair loss. Wigs have often been a source of embarrassment and physical discomfort for wearers. But, with celebrities donning new hairpieces week in week out, the humble wig is experiencing a new lease of life, combining the functional and the fashionable, to achieve a stunning glamourpuss look.  

Gone are the days of scratchy hair pieces and plastic strands that wouldn’t look out of place on a doll. With advances in application methods and artificial hair technology, wigs are here to stay. Or not. That’s the beauty of this must have trend. Swap. Replace. Update. Changing your style or colour has never been so much fun or instantaneous.

With a beautifully styled wig, no longer do you need to commit to a new haircut or colour in the long term. Avoid the regret and time spent growing out an unflattering style or additional treatments to repair a dye gone wrong. Switch up your style whenever you want, for that Instagram perfect appearance.

Take a cute and striking pixie cut one day, to long, tumbling curls the next. Saving time getting ready and preventing damage to your natural hair from styling, high quality wigs are the solution to your bad hair days. The only limitation is your own inhibitions.

By embracing the wig trend, wearers who may have previously been self-conscious and aware of their wig are also empowered, helping to remove the stigma associated with their use. Although wigs have enjoyed their position as a status symbol throughout history, with everyone from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette to Edie Sedgwick wearing the fashionable style of their time, modern day wig wearers are typically not as confident as the A-list from yesteryear.  Adopting a wig and owning it may just inspire someone who feels anything less than confident in theirs to feel a little more comfortable that they can ‘work it’ too.

Available in every style, length and colour you are sure to find one or two (or three or…) individual styles that will suit you, giving you a variety of equally striking looks for any occasion. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, minimum fuss, ready to wear style that  will have maximum impact, a wig is the answer for you.

Mix up your 2017 looks with a selection of wigs to complement your outfit, your mood or the occasion, and help to move wigs out of the shadows and into the spotlight once again.

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