What’s your colour?

31 Mar

Colour is definitely having a moment this spring and summer. On the catwalks we’ve seen bright shades on models from head to toe.

Even hair is getting in on the act. Hair extensions have been used to add bright shocks of colour as strands and sections. It makes a big impact but it’s low on maintenance. With clip on hair extensions in a bright shade you can style your hair as normal and then just clip in the bang on trend colour.

If it isn’t just a few strands of shade you’re interested in, then we’ve got the lowdown on the hottest summer colours. If you don’t fancy dyeing your hair then why not try a wig? Make it much easier to change your style in seconds, and you can choose a longer or shorter length while you’re at it. Try Dream Girl’s Chic Collection and you’ll find something in one of these awesome colours.

Blorange, Sunset Blonde

It’s been called a lot of things but essentially this is a mix between a red head and a blonde shade. It can run the whole gamut from very pale to full on shade. Instead of reaching for the bleach bottle, try hair extensions in a similar shade, like strawberry blonde or honey blonde. Just add a little reddish tone to your natural shade.

Super Bleached Blonde

If you’ve had blonde hair for a while and fancy taking it up a notch you’re in good company. Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne have been spotted with this icy blonde. Bleaching your natural hair this much will make it very dry, so hair extensions in the iciest blonde you can find will let you try the style without damaging your locks.

Redder than red

Don’t go a little red, go uber red! Make it bright and high impact in this vibrant red shade. Dream Girl has a red in our Fancies range of hair extensions that will help you create the look you’re going for. Turn heads this summer.

Hair colour this summer is bold and it’s bright. If you’ve fancied a change but have worried about it being too much now is the time to try it out.

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