Ways to update your braids in 2017

7 Apr

The holy grail is always a hairstyle that’s practical, easy to do and stylish. In every respect the braid just fits. If you’ve got long hair it looks even better. A braid is the best way to keep your hair out of your way, while making it look both elegant and chic.

Styles always change, though, and braids, like every hairstyle, are going to evolve as seasons go by. In 2017, as hairstyles are a little bit more relaxed and laid back, braids follow suit.

Here’s Dream Girl’s guide for braids this spring and summer. If your hair isn’t long enough for these styles, or needs a little boost, why not try clip on hair extensions, or a ponytail hair extension to add both length and volume. A few tweaks and you’ll be back on trend.

The classic French braid

There’s a reason why this style won’t go anywhere, it’s a classic and always looks great, whether you wear it during the day or at night. If you’ve never tried a French braid before, here’s how to do it; start with a section of hair at the crown. Divide into three strands and hold them in both hands. What you’re doing next is feeding the three strands across each other. The strand on the left hand side has to pass over two strands, then the strand on the far right has to pass over two strands. Keep thickening each strand as you go and keep working down to the end.

The braid should be even, and create a plait from the crown down to the tips of your hair. It might take a little practice. To update for 2017, once the braid is finished pull at the edges of the braids a little to loosen and leave it looking for relaxed.

Make it into a fishtail

If you’ve mastered the French braid and want something more challenging, go for the Fishtail. Instead of three strands, the Fishtail is done with four or more strands. This style takes a little practice but the principle is the same. Take the furthest strand on the left and turn over the next two strands, then repeat on the left and so on and so on.

To make it a little more 2017 do the same as you did with the French braid, pull at the edges of the braid to loosen it a little and make it look more laid back.

Twist it into a bun

The messy bun has very much had a moment in the past few years. You can update it for this year by starting with a simple plait. You can either do it on the crown or lower by the nape on the neck. It adds some great texture to your bun. Once the plait is complete twist it around and pin the ends underneath the bun itself. Use kirby grips to secure the bun.



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