Go big or go home!

18 Aug

tigerhairIf you feel like your hair needs a little extra volume, Dream Girl can help. Because let’s be honest, no one wants flat hair!

Here are our five top tips.

Hair extensions aren’t just for length! If you’ve got fine hair, hair extensions can help to add volume, as well as making your hair longer. Choose a shade that closely matches your own natural colour and the hair extensions will blend in seamlessly. You can also work with your hair stylist to ensure the extensions are cut and styled int your own locks, so no one knows you’ve got a little help.

Use lightweight products. Shampoo and conditioner can weigh down your hair. Look for products with as few additives in them, and reduced sulfates. You don’t need heavy conditioner if you’ve got fine hair. And you don’t need to shampoo and condition your hair everyday. Use a little dry shampoo on the front sections if you need a little help between washes. In fact, shampoo your hair less and you might see it looking more volumised. Third day hair has much less weight and will look fuller.

Invest in a volumising spray. Great volume starts at the roots. This might be an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people focus on the ends or mid-length. Sprayed directly into the roots when your hair is damp, a good volumising spray will help separate the roots and just add a little extra volume. As it’s water based it’s also light enough that it won’t weigh your hair down once it dries, like some thickening products can.

Heat-free rollers add lift. OK, no one really wants anyone to see them with their rollers in, but they can go a big way to adding much needed height to the roots. Always avoid any heated product on your hair, so the trick here is patience. Add the rollers and leave for as long as you can, at least half an hour, over an hour if you can. At least it’s the perfect excuse to sit back and relax.

Texture, texture, texture. If your roots are lifted, then another way to add volume is by making as much of your hair’s natural texture as you can. Obviously rollers will add a wave, but you can also try pin curls, or a bun while your hair is damp or through the day. A little extra texture will make your hair look bigger and more volumised. Your stylist can also help with the cut. Blunter ends make hair look thicker and fuller.


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