The easiest autumn hair hacks

22 Sep

It’s a new season – tomorrow it’s officially Autumn. Whenever the season’s change we always think about ways we can update our look and style.

But sometimes, we don’t want a whole new look. Sometimes we just want quick and easy ways to make simple changes to our hairstyle.

So if you want to be bang on trend this autumn, here are Dream Girl’s ideas for the simplest things you can do.

Tie a ribbon


Ribbons have been slowly coming back into fashion. It started with hairbands a couple of years ago, then bows. Now it’s evolved into the full ribbon. And it couldn’t be easier. Style your hair as normal and then tie a ribbon around your locks. Wear it like a hairband and have a big bow at the back.

Experiment with braids


Braids aren’t going anywhere, and this autumn is no different. Anyway you want to wear it, a French braid, fishtail, intricate or simple, it’s easy for night or day. Wear it sleek and smooth, or pull out strands for a more boho look. Both are in style this season. Use clip on hair extensions if your hair needs a little extra length and volume for a bigger braid.

Do a twist

The French twist is easily one of our favourite hairstyles for two reasons; once you’ve mastered it you can do it in minutes, so it makes mornings much easier, and secondly if you wear it through the day then unpin it at night you get gorgeous waves. Spotted on the catwalks this autumn, start at the nape of the neck and gather hair together. Start twisting, folding hair underneath as you do. Keep folding the ends underneath and pinning to keep secure. Spray and finish.

The Chanel quiff

Bottega Veneta

We saw this at Fashion Week and it could well be the style we use for every night out for the next year. To start, take the front section of your hair and spray it with hairspray to make it a little more malleable. Twist hair, making sure it falls over the forehead and then pin in place on top of the crown. Push hair forward a little and pin for extra volume. A pompadour also works for this look.


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