How to get this week’s hot hairstyle

29 Sep

This week there’s been one hairstyle everyone has been talking about. And if you’re anything like us at Dream Girl, when you see the buzz around a hot celebrity hairstyle you want it immediately.

It doesn’t mater if it’ll suit you, it doesn’t matter if you love your hair as it is right now, you see a picture of a celebrity with a hot new hairstyle and you want it. Straight away.

MIla Kunis debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram and we have to confess we went a little weak at the knees. A chin grazing bob in very dark brown, thick and full with soft waves. We were in love. It doesn’t matter that we want our hair longer. It doesn’t matter if our hair wouldn’t do that if we cut it short. The truth is we wanted Mila Kunis’ hairstyle so much we almost booked in for a hair appointment.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Here at Dream Girl we advocate doing what you feel with your hair. Every face shape is different, every favourite style is different. Having the freedom to do what we want with our hair is a big thing.

But we also know we don’t always want to go for the chop. It’s OK when you walk out of the salon and your hair looks exactly how you want it to, but then you get home. And you have to wash it for the first time, and then style it. It never looks the same. Then it grows and it isn’t quite right. Or you want to wear a ponytail, or a braid and you just can’t.

So we have a really simple solution for recreating this week’s must-have hot hairstyle ….. buy a Chic Collection wig. You won’t have to cut your hair, you won’t have to learn how to style a wavy bob every morning. You can buy a wig using 100% human hair with a wavy finish and then, whenever you fancy donning Mila Kunis’ Parisian chic look you can. Quickly and with no fuss.

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