Trends ‘R’ Us!

15 Jan

1Staying on top of hair trends is something that is a must for us at Dream Girl HQ! We love knowing what is hot, to keep you slaying the latest and greatest! has named a few of their favourite upcoming hair trends for 2018 and we’ve picked up some of the best that we can help with!

  • Golden Blonde

Platinum blonde is so last year! Celebrities such as Lily Collins and Selena Gomez are turning to warmer hues. Keep your roots dark to stay on trend! If gold is your new platinum and you’re not quite ready to make the commitment, check out our range of lace wigs for a realistic alternative to bleaching your tresses.

  • Big & bouncy

ELLE has declared 2018 the year of the big and the bouncy hair, which is a nod to it’s 80s heritage. We always thought the bigger the better (and closer to heaven), but it’s happy to see the appreciation in the mainstream. We recommend our “Clip N Go” hair extensions to keep your hair dreams happy (and large), use two packs to keep your tresses full.

  • Braids

Braids and plaits were huge last year and they aren’t going away anytime soon! 2018 is the year of undone and messy braids, the opposite of last year’s boxer braids. Dream Girl are excited for this timeless look, and recommend adding length and volume to your look using our clip in extensions for ease and ultimate glamour!

  • Silver Hair

This is something we’re happy to see! If you follow us on our social channels you’ll know we are a huge fan of the silver hair trend! The shiny metallic finish creates a magical look that we cannot resist. Keep your tresses looking enchanted with a very good silver shampoo!

  • Bob with a fringe

The fabulous thing about hair pieces and extensions is that you can create whatever look you envision. A bob with a fringe is a timeless look, in 2017 we saw a few celebrities lobbing their hair off and we’re not mad that this had made the list! The casual undone fringe has made ELLE’s list, and if you’re too afraid for a big chop we recommend checking out our VANESSA wig to try the trend without commitment.

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