Holiday Hair Relax, feel good, and look good with Dream Girl!

19 Jun

Holiday season is here! Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, Dream Girl Hair has got you covered with a range of looks handpicked for every destination!


 Glamping in the UK

If you’re planning to stay in the UK this Summer, Glamping is the way forward, to ensure your look suits your wilderness location, you’ll need extensions that are low maintenance and easy to wear and apply, so you can focus fully on looking great in the great outdoors! Achieve the ultimate Glamping look with our Dream Girl Clip’N Go hair extensions – just clip them in to your roots, style, and put the glam back into Glamping! Grab your Clip’N Go extensions here:


Cute Hairstyles For Camping Lovely Glamping Guide How to Stay Cute While Roughing It

(Image taken from Wine Cooler Blog)


All-Inclusive Beach Holiday

For all sun worshipers, an All Inclusive holiday is ideal for relaxation and more importantly, leaving maximum time for topping up that elusive tan! After a day of sun bathing, most will want to up the style stakes for the evening, which calls for hair extensions that can handle full volume glamour! Get that beachy curl look with our Body Waves or Italian Body Waves extensions for either subtle curls or more pronounced curls for a look just as glamorous. Add volume and add curls when you glue them in – then sit back and look amazing! Order both sets of extensions here:


Blow Out Hair Pintrest

(Image provided by Pintrest)

City Break

For those who prefer to soak up a new culture and take in the sights, a city break is the perfect getaway this Summer. Whichever city you go to, we have extensions that are as versatile as your plans in the city! For a look that can be styled up and down, perfect for day or night, we recommend our Remi Silky hair extensions as they can keep up with city break multi-tasking. All you need to do is glue them in and style accordingly – they can keep up with any style required during a fast-paced city break! Order them here:



(Image from Symphony of Silk.)

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